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I recently spoke to Morgan Heritage’s own Gramps Morgan and his son Jemere, during the UK leg of the “Here Comes The Kings” tour. Listen to the interview to find out, why Morgan Heritage released the Here Comes The Kings mini documentary to accompany the album, how they acquired the title The Royal Family Of Reggae, why Perfect Love Song was chosen to be a lead single, what input VP Records have during the album making process, If they set a date for when they would reunite before they took their recent break. , if Jemere will be jumping on any more reggae or dancehall riddims, which future project he’s currently working on and much more. A video version of this interview is also available

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Elmar, Allgi, Olde, and Daniel from Sentinel give me some tips and advice on how to make the most of my first trip to Germany. They tell me, which local dishes and drinks I need to try, and which ones I need to avoid, Useful German phrases that I could use to impress a young lady, what Germany's must watch TV shows are, how to survive a German reggae festival, what Germany has to offer, and why it's the ideal tourist destination and much more.  

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I catch up with Willy Chin from Black Chiney to ask him for some travel tips and advice. Willy tells me, which three essential items you need to take on any trip abroad, if its better to stick to global fast food chains or to try the local cuisine, how to pick a hotel, and how you tell a good hotel from a bad one, how to make the airport and flight experience more pleasurable, how to keep yourself entertained on long flights, if it's better to travel alone or with company and much more.

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I recently caught up with artiste, producer and C.E.O. of Adonai Music Million Stylez at Keep It Real Jam 2013. Listen to the interview to find out, why his music has such universal appeal, all about his recent trip to Kenya where he filmed the Baddis Ting video, if his success has lead to the growth of the Swedish reggae scene, if he knew Miss Fatty was a hit as soon as he wrote it, if he will be releasing an album this year, what his goals and aims are for Adonai Music, what's on the agenda for the rest of 2013 and much more. A video version of this interview version of this interview is also available

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