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I chat to Mitch from Yard Beat to preview next weekends big clash with Sentinel and Kosmik.Listen to the interview to hear, how preparations for the clash have gone, why Yard Beat will emerge victorious, what Yard Beat learnt last time they were in Europe, if he feels Yard Beat are underdogs going into War Ina East, if the respect he has for Kosmik will effect his performance, when the audio of the clash with Barrier Free will be available, why mix CDs still sell in Japan, whats next for Yard Beat and much more.

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I chat to Ez from Kosmik Movements Ez about the Brooklyn based sounds upcoming clash with Sentinel and Yard Beat. Listen to the interview to hear what sets Kosmik apart from Sentinel and Yard Beat, why he considers Kosmik to be underdogs, if Kosmik are at a disadvantage having not clashed in Europe before, the benefits of being based in the sound clash capital New York, if he thinks Sentinel are making a mistake sending their new recruits to battle, why he feels Kosmik and Yard Beat are hungrier than Sentinel, why Kosmik have risen through the sound system ranks so quickly, how he reacted when he was asked to take part in War Inna East and much more. 

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I speak to Elmar and Allgi from Sentinel to preview War Inna East, their upcoming clash with Kosmik Movements and Yard Beat. Listen to the interview to hear Elmar tell me, Why he has decided to take a step back from the limelight, why he recruited 3 new members Allgi, Daniel and Olde, how he felt when Shotta Paul and Meska left the sound, if his new team are ready for war, if he thinks Sentinel are favourites going into War Inna East, if the largely European crowd will be behind Sentinel and whether Sentinel will be taking any more clash bookings for this year. Then new addition to Sentinel, and their MC for the upcoming clash Allgi tells me about, his musical career before he joined The Everlasting Sound, how it felt to be recruited by a "big time sound", his previous clash experience, if he feels under pressure to come away from Enschede with the trophy, how he and Daniel have been preparing for the clash, what tips and advice Elmar and Nadia have given him and much more.

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Just hours after last weekends big clash between Blunt Posse, Posion Dart and Earth Ruler had come to an end, I spoke to the events host and co-promoter Gary Famus. Listen to the interview to hear, what the keys to Blunt Posse’s victory were, how much the addition of Black Roy has strengthened Blunt Posse, whether using 2 MCs benefited the Bronx based sound, which dubs got the biggest forwards, his evaluation of Poison Dart’s performance, where things went wrong for Earth Ruler, who made the decision to scrap the tune fi tune round, when the audio and video will be available, how the line up for the clash was decided, how he feels his first New York based promotion went, what he has in store for the Virginia clash fans and much more.

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