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I recently spoke to one of the most original reggae artistes in the business Protoje, about the release of his second album The 8 Year Affair. Listen to the interview to hear, the meaning of the album’s title, why the album's release date was pushed back, his thoughts on releasing singles before the album, how he chooses which artistes to collaborate with, the benefits of working with one producer, the advantages and disadvantages of mixing family and work, why it’s important to have a good video to accompany a hit single, if the album will be released on CD or vinyl, what it was like working with Sizzla, Chronixx and Kabaka Pyramid on “Selassie Souljahz” and much more.

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Ajax from Blunt Posse previews March Madness and tells me, why Blunt Posse is the most dangerous sound involved in the clash, how the addition of Black Roy has strengthened the sound, if he agrees with Taranchyla's description of Blunt Posse as a "counter punching sound", whether he prefers to face a sound coming off a win or a loss, if he feels walking out can ever be justified, why Blunt Posse have been overlooked, if King Addies joining team Irish and Chin is a good business move, if we will ever see Blunt Posse involved in a Chin promoted event again, who looses out more from Blunt Posse and Chin not working together and much more.

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Taranchyla from Poison Dart recently made and exception to his rule of not doing interviews before a clash, and spoke to me about his upcoming battle with Earth Ruler and Blunt Posse.Listen to the interview to hear, what he thought of Earth Ruler’s performance against King Addies, if he feels his microphone skills will lead to a Poison Dart victory, if new tunes will be a key to victory, what tactics he feels Blunt Posse will try and employ, if he still thinks walking out against King Addies was the right move to make, if he is bothered about giving away “home court advantage”, how the New York crowd has changed, what takes priority clash preparation, making music or juggling dates, if he still feels the same way he used to when he is booked for a clash, what prefers today, making music or clashing, how he will decide when to retire from clashing, what goes through his mind on the day of a clash and much more. 

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I chat to Lee Major from Earth Ruler to reflect on their recent loss to King Addies, and to get his thoughts on their upcoming clash with Blunt Posse and Poison Dart. Listen to the interview to hear, what he thinks of Addie’s and Chin’s new business relationship, where he was when the clash with Addies began, What Earth Ruler’s game plan was going into the clash, What he thought of Killa Boo and A1’s performance, where the new tunes were, if there will be a rematch in Antigua, if video footage of the famous 1993 Earth Ruler vs King Addies Biltmore clash exists, which sound Earth Ruler want to go to war with in the UK, if he lacks motivation in the run up to March Madness, If he feels Poison Dart or Blunt Posse pose a bigger threat and much more.

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I chat to Andy Capper the Co-Producer of Noisey Jamaica and the Global Editor of Vice Magazine. Listen to the interview to hear, why Noisey Jamaica was made, how it was decided which artistes would feature in the series, who the series is aimed at, why Andy feels the views of dancehall's fans are so important, what we can expect from the rest of the series, how Snoop Lion feels about the recent criticism he has received, if there was tension between Mavado and Popcaan during the Lighters Up video shoot, what it was like filming videos three videos for Dre Skull in three days and much more. 

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