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I chat to Andrew Digital to break down last Saturday's clash between King Addies and Earth Ruler. Listen to the interview to hear, why he feels King Addies were victorious, where Earth Ruler went wrong, why a tune fi tune round was necessary, what the result means for both sounds, whether he feels there is a conflict of interest, managing Addies and promoting clashes that they are involved in, when the audio and video will be available, what he has planned for 2013 and much more.

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I chat to Swugee Don from King Addies to get his thoughts on this Saturdays big clash, he tells me, why now is the right time for the rematch, what kind of victory he is predicting, the keys to an Addies victory, if he feels any pressure to perform this weekend, whether or not he thinks Addies is still rebuilding,why New York is the current sound clash capital and much more.

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I chat to Earl Moodie Jr. from the iconic Bronx based record store about, the stores beginnings and the early years, declining sales of Vinyl and CDs, how the store has responded to a changing market place, the secret to Moodies success and survival, his relationship with his father Earl Moodie Sr., plans for the future and much more.

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I chat to one of reggae's hottest prospects about, discovering and falling in love with reggae, the formation of Dynasty Records, how he has used the internet to further his career, touring with Gappy Ranks, his plans and goals for 2013 and beyond and much more.

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A two part special feature recorded before and after the clash with Mitch from Yard Beat. In part one Mitch introduces you to Yard Beat, lets you know how they prepared for the clash and gives you and insight into what was at stake in the upcoming war. The second part includes a blow by blow account of the events that unfolded in Osaka, plus Mitch talks about the significance of the result and looks ahead to War Inna East.