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I chat to Major Lazers Walshy Fire about the Apocalypse Soon EP, their forthcoming album, his solo projects and much more. 

Listen to the interview to find out 

* Why they chose to work with the artistes who feature on Apocalypse Soon 
* What to expect from the forthcoming Major Lazer album 
* What Major Lazers thought process is when they make music 
* Which solo production projects he is currently working on 
* Which artiste the next Walshy Fire and Major Lazer Presents mix cd will feature 
* What role he feels Start A Fyah played in the rise of Chronixx in 2013 
* Why Watch Out For This (Bumaye) was so successful 
* Why friendship is key to making good music 
* If anyone has ever told him he's sold out 
* If Major Lazer convert their fans to fans of dancehall 
* Why Africa is the future 

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