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Taranchyla from Poison Dart recently made and exception to his rule of not doing interviews before a clash, and spoke to me about his upcoming battle with Earth Ruler and Blunt Posse.Listen to the interview to hear, what he thought of Earth Ruler’s performance against King Addies, if he feels his microphone skills will lead to a Poison Dart victory, if new tunes will be a key to victory, what tactics he feels Blunt Posse will try and employ, if he still thinks walking out against King Addies was the right move to make, if he is bothered about giving away “home court advantage”, how the New York crowd has changed, what takes priority clash preparation, making music or juggling dates, if he still feels the same way he used to when he is booked for a clash, what prefers today, making music or clashing, how he will decide when to retire from clashing, what goes through his mind on the day of a clash and much more. 

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