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I chat to Lee Major from Earth Ruler to reflect on their recent loss to King Addies, and to get his thoughts on their upcoming clash with Blunt Posse and Poison Dart. Listen to the interview to hear, what he thinks of Addie’s and Chin’s new business relationship, where he was when the clash with Addies began, What Earth Ruler’s game plan was going into the clash, What he thought of Killa Boo and A1’s performance, where the new tunes were, if there will be a rematch in Antigua, if video footage of the famous 1993 Earth Ruler vs King Addies Biltmore clash exists, which sound Earth Ruler want to go to war with in the UK, if he lacks motivation in the run up to March Madness, If he feels Poison Dart or Blunt Posse pose a bigger threat and much more.

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