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I chat to Sting partner, and Downsound Records C.E.O. Josef Bogdanovich to preview Sting 30.

Listen to the interview to find out

* If the artistes who will feature in the clash have been chosen already.
* Which artiste hes putting his money on.
* If theres any chance that we could see Mad Cobra battling for the $30,000 USD.
* If he thinks the Ninjaman will get involved in the clash.
* If Kiprich will have to clash all the other 6 artistes to win.
* How Super Cat responded to the invitation to perform at Sting 30.
* What the Don Dada has been up to since he landed, and how he was greeted by the people.
* When a deal was struck with Macka Diamond.
* If he thinks 2 Chainz knows what to expect from Sting
* And much more
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